Tales of the Crescent Isles

The Twenty-Five Year War had finally ended. Likai, allying with Loccain, drove back Illeau’s attack with much bloodshed. Their victory now assured, they had brought the war to the very doorstep of Illeau’s capital. The Illean army laid low, their scheming Council cornered and prepared to be taken by sword and spell.

But not one of them would die this day.

Likai and Loccain, poised to destroy Illeau utterly, had backed away. Illeau’s Council was left alive with their independence still intact. Their victory, once seeming so assured and so absolute, now seemed… unfulfilled. Who really won this war?

Fifteen years have passed and the unstable peace is still holding… However, strange things are beginning to occur around the land. In the city of Biccano Port, the 6 members of the Gallindan Guild seek to make names for themselves in a world where things aren’t always as they seem.

Welcome to The Crescent Isles.

Tales of the Crescent Isles

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