Tales of the Crescent Isles

Campaign - Session 1 - Rats!

It's always rats

The campaign starts as members of a guild in Loccain called Gallindan gather in their headquarters at Biccano. Loccain works such that the Guild Masters (leader of any particular guild) are essentially chosen by Loccain’s noble class back in their homeland (far across the sea). They are basically given the mandate of keeping order, and facilitating trade (some take this as “any means necessary”) although due to the way they are chosen, they often are given other agendas by their noble supporters.

Gallindan is lead by an experienced Dragonborn warlord named Wrex leaning towards his twilight years in life. He is generally light-hearted, shows respect for combat talent and tactics (as he is a former active soldier) but feels that it should be used towards the greater good. He is not above earning a few coin here and there either, though. Wrex is also unique in that he is one of the few Guild Masters who was given his title thanks to his merits in combat. Most are given their titles via political means as opposed to any particular merit or skill.

RatWrex left a missive for the party to return to the guildhouse quickly as it was an emergency. When the party arrived, the main floor was abandoned, but torch light and noises could be heard from the storage cellar. As they descended the steps into the storage cellar, they encountered a Kobold and a company of monstrous rats (2 Giant Rats, 2 Dire Rats and a Rat Swarm). It looked as if they dug a tunnel that came up just beyond the wall and broke through into the cellar moments before.

The battle was quick and bloody as the Kobold’s rat allies fell fast to the combined force of the guild members. With his backup depleted, the Kobold attempted to flee back through the wall and into a pool of water he apparently swam up from. The party denied him and killed him before he could escape.

Wrex returned and applauded the party on their skill and rewarded them with a few provisions and payment, and a much more difficult and interesting task.

This fight was basically just to get the party up to speed on the combat and setting of the game. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and everyone liked fleshing out their characters.



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