Tales of the Crescent Isles

Campaign - Session 5 - Hobgoblin Forest

The forest for the trees...and hobgoblins.

The party made it’s way North of Gerald’s Folly in pursuit of the Halfling named Nale (which they learned from his brother whom they captured) with the hope that they can rescue as many of the abductees as possible. To do so, they had to pass through the thick trees and brush that made up the Hobgoblin Forest.

Pushing through a very rough trail, the party tried to make their way carefully Northward. Unfortunately, it was not careful enough as both Seravanon and Murrik Dustborn are pulled high into the air by hunting traps and numerous Goblinoids, mostly Hobgoblins, spring out from hidden areas near the sides of the trail. The party makes battles back, with Murrik and Seravanon cutting themselves loose and joining the battle. The battle ends when the somewhat-less-than-adequate defenders are eventually routed, and are able to push forward once more.

Eventually, the guild-mates reach an abandoned shack. Moving in cautiously, they learn that this cabin belongs to Ryddia, the Hag, an old woman who lived in these woods in harmony with the goblinoids. Evidence suggests she may have been dragged out (footprints outside and signs of a struggle inside). Looking around, they find a unique staff that must have belonged to her. It had a strange, magical presence about it but nothing particularly potent.

Moving onward the trail began seeming more well-worn, and for good reason. The party arrived at what amounted to the front door of the cave. 2 animate crossbows, a shamanistic mage and various soldiers (all goblinoid) stood in their way. A massive battle ensued, with the mage and the crossbows doing the bulk of the damage. The battle was long and grueling, and left the party drained, but they were finally able to break the back of the defenders and mop up anyone before they could flee.

Their party, bruised and battered, rests outside for the night.



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