Mask of Anois

A white mask with magic runes etched along the edges


This plain white masks emits some sort of magic, but its source is currently unknown. It is also unknown what effect wearing the mask might cause.


This mask was given to a Halfling named Nale by (presumably) The Lady of Masks for reasons unknown. The mask contained the spirit of Anois who claimed to have once been a priest of Erathis. The spirit, corrupted, made a deal with Nale when the party was about to slay him which resulted in Nale’s body being used to help power a construct made of flesh, bone and twisted masks.

Once the monster had been slain, the spirit of the mask (calling himself one of the ‘Seekers’) asked them to “do what they couldn’t,” and warned the party about The Lady of Masks and how she unknowingly serves someone or something called ‘The Messenger.’

The mask proceeded to attach itself to Seravanon. The mask gave him the power to heal a boy and Jerass who were found with masks stitched to their faces and later fell into comas after the party defeated Anois, The Corrupt.

That night, after a battle that left Seravanon injured and weak, Seravanon disappeared in a bright, golden flame. The mask, once a grotesque thing, seemed to have become “purified”, taking on a much simpler appearance and bearing strange runes along its edge.

Mask of Anois

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