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  • The Crescent Isles

    h2. Geography The Crescent Isles is actually a collection of islands on the South-Eastern edge of the [[Lenoria Ocean]]. The most prominent island, and currently the only island known to be inhabited in the area, is officially named [[Ketera]]. Named …

  • Places

    This is a list of places the party has heard about and/or visited. h3. Countries, Oceans and other Landmasses

    • [[The Crescent Isles]]
    • [[Lenoria Ocean]]
    h3. Kingdoms & States
    • [[Illeau]]
  • Illeau

    For information on the capital city of Illeau, [[Illeau (city) | click here]].
    h3. Statistics *Total Population:* 150,000 90% [[Elf]] 5% [[Human]] 4% Mix of [[Halfling]], [[Eladrin]] and [[Dwarf]] < 1% Other h3. …

  • Likai

    h3. Statistics *Total Population:* ~90,000 54% [[Dwarf]] 38% [[Human]] 8% Other h3. History h5. Original Settlement and the [[Golden Age]] 200 years ago, more settlers arrived. Arriving from the North, they came for the purposes of [[The …

  • Loccain

    h3. Statistics *Total Population:* 45,000 70% [[Human]] 15% [[Halfling]] 10% [[Half-Elf]] 5% Mix of [[Dwarf]], [[Elf]] and [[Dragonborn]] h3. History During [[The Twenty-Five Year War | the war]] that followed approximately 160 years later, …

  • Lenoria Ocean

    The Lenoria Ocean encompasses approximately 1/4th of the world's landmass. The Lenoria contains about 5,000 known islands with many more left to be explored or colonized. The Lenoria is warmer than most, with many tropical aquatic creatures living in its …

  • Geralds Folly

    *Total Population:* ~100 h3. Appearance The town of Gerald's Folly is a rather humble place. The town walls are low and made of loose stone from the surrounding area and the main gate is made of heavy wood from the nearby forest. The houses are …

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