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  • Main Page

    h1. Tales of the Crescent Isles Wiki Welcome to the Tales of the Crescent Isles Wiki! This is a repository for the notes on characters, history/lore, and miscellaneous information for the campaign. A few good places to start would be:

    • [[ …

  • Places

    This is a list of places the party has heard about and/or visited. h3. Countries, Oceans and other Landmasses

    • [[The Crescent Isles]]
    • [[Lenoria Ocean]]
    h3. Kingdoms & States
    • [[Illeau]]
  • Lore

    This is a list of ancients battles, stories, rumours etc. Basically all the 'fluff' that goes into a campaign. h3. Events and Conflicts * [[Twenty-Five Year War]] * [[Golden Age]]

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