Name: Lily (last name unknown at this time)
Race: Human
Age: Early 20’s
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Association: Acolyte of Bahamut
Status: MIA (Last known whereabouts: Gerald’s Folly Temple to Bahamut)

Lily was an acolyte of Bahamut and apprentice to Father Eric at the local temple. An attractive woman with flowing brown hair, fair complexion and slight build, she was known as a kind soul as well; the community embraced her with open arms.

Recent History

Several months after her arrival, the abductions at Gerald’s Folly began to occur and she was wrapped up in it. According to her (before her disappearance) she witnessed one of the kidnappings, and in the process was forcefully “recruited” to help abduct the townsfolk of Gerald’s Folly. She was given the Magic Journal to allow her to communicate with Nale to arrange the kidnappings.

During the course of one of these encounters, she claimed to be raped when she fought back which greatly hurt her. She became obsessive compulsive and everything had to be in place. She was told to point the blame for the kidnappings on Theo, Ralum’s father, so that the local militia’s investigation would turn inwards, allowing him more time to prepare further abductions and experiments.

During the course of the party’s investigation they were able to wring the truth from her. Thus prepared, the party set up an ambush with her help and the Magic Journal.

After the party returned during the siege on the town by the remaining Goblins, they discovered that she was missing. The party has since become suspicious of her; her Magic Journal was left in her room, with a picture of a mask and strange runes.


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