Total Population: 45,000
70% Human
15% Halfling
10% Half-Elf
5% Mix of Dwarf, Elf and Dragonborn


During the war that followed approximately 160 years later, the last group of settlers arrived. From a great trading empire to the East some weeks sailing away, they saw an opportunity in the war. The Loccaini, as they called themselves, anchored their ships between Prisoners’ Island and Ketera. After establishing trading agreements with both sides of the war, they were given land in the then war-ravaged central expanse of the island. Both sides were unknowing that they were being carefully supplied in order to prolong the war and increase the Loccaini’s profits.

At the end of the war the Northern Alliance dissolved, but as part of their agreement to ally with Likai against Illeau, the Loccaini were given control of the vast majority of the central portion of the island between the Shining River and the Rocky River all the way to the Mountain Wall on the Eastern Shore. Naming their state Loccain, a flood of settlers arrived looking to make their fortunes in the new land. Shortly thereafter, the the merchant capital of Tradesmeet was built.


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