Name: Nale Hookshaw
Race: Halfling
Age: Early 30’s
Height: 4’1"
Weight: 80 lbs. (115 lbs. after mutation)
Associations: Hookshaw Brothers
Favored Weapons: Whip, Great Claw
Status: MIA, presumed deceased

Nale, along with his brother, used to be common thieves and highwaymen; they often worked the trade routes between Loccain and Illeau and thus gained an intimate knowledge of the area surrounding Loccain/Illeau border region. Eventually they became infamously known as “The Hookshaw Brothers.” Nale was considered the brains behind the Hookshaw Brothers and Harold, his younger brother, was considered the brawn.

The brothers’ lives before becoming thieves are unknown, although it is likely they grew up somewhere near the Loccain/Illeau border along the Shining River considering their familiarity with the area.

Recent History

Through unknown channels, Nale somehow came into contact with The Lady of Masks. The Lady of Masks bequeathed to him the Mask of Anois and aided him in taking control of the Hobgoblin Forest North of Gerald’s Folly, which he became aware of during his days as a highwaymen in the area. The reason behind The Lady of Masks’ actions are unclear at this time.

Once he obtained this new power, his already arrogant personality became full-blown egomania. He enslaved his own brother and used him to abduct people from the nearby village in order to learn the extent of his newfound powers. He sought more power

It is unclear when, but eventually Anois, his spirit corrupted, began speaking to him around this time. He proposed a deal which would greatly increase Nale’s power at the cost of his body and possibly his soul. Nale declined this offer in the hopes that he could instead harness it freely.

Eventually, the abductions were brought to the attention of the party. After discovering the source of the abductions after capturing his brother. Attacking in the night, killing the subservient Goblins whom had fallen under his power and allying with the Hobgoblins who sought revenge for their fallen and for their enslavement, the party eventually confronted Nale in the Ruined Temple of Erathis, deep within the earth.

The battle was short and brutal, and Nale seemed poised to be defeated. With his last breath, he agreed to the terms Anois has given him. Infused with the power from the mask, he was pulled deep within the pit underneath the temple. Anois rose, and was eventually defeated as well.

It is assumed that Anois used his body, or consumed it, and Nale has not been seen since.


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