Name: Wrex
Race: Dragonborn
Age: ~70
Height: 6’6"
Weight: 265 lbs.
Association: Leader of the Gallindan Guild
Status: Alive

Wrex is an elder Dragonborn with red scales who came from the Loccaini home continent. He is generally considered kind and just. Wrex has no family on The Crescent Isles (at least none that he speaks of). No stranger to warfare, he puts martial and magical skill at a premium.

Recent History

He was a soldier and he fought on the front lines with the Likian soldiers and pushed the Illean front to the walls of the capital. After the end of the war, he was decorated for his service and received noble backing to start his own Guild when the treaties were signed that allowed Loccain access to the mainland freely.

Wrex has been the leader of the Gallindan Guild for 14 years now. While he originally went out on missions and guard duty with his fellow guild-mates, as he has gotten older he now feels his place is directing the fresh blood in the guild.

The party is currently associated with the Gallindan Guild and Wrex is their current employer (though he gives the party the ability to act autonomously).


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